International Yoga Day: Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the people of India on the occasion of Yoga Day from America

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International Yoga Day: Yoga has become a global movement… Prime Minister Modi addressed the nation from America . PM Modi is on a tour of America, he addressed the countrymen on the occasion of Yoga Day. Meanwhile, the PM said that he will participate in the Yoga Day program at the UN.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the people of India on the occasion of Yoga Day from America. PM Modi said that I am connecting with you through video messages, but I am not running away from the program of doing yoga. Today at 5:30 pm Indian time I will attend a large yoga program at the United Nations headquarters. The gathering of more than 180 countries of the world at the call of India is historic and unprecedented.

Record countries supported yoga

On the occasion of Yoga Day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, You may recall that when the International Day of Yoga was proposed in the UN General Assembly in 2014, a record number of countries supported it. Since then, yoga has become a global movement through International Yoga Day. PM Modi said that this year the Yoga Day programs have been made more special by the Ocean Ring of Yoga. His idea is based on the interrelationship between the idea of yoga and the expansion of the ocean.

People felt the energy of yoga – PM Modi

Today, people all over the world are practicing yoga together on the principles of yoga and Vasudhaiva Kutumkam. It is said in our scriptures that through yoga we get health, longevity and strength. How many of us have experienced the energy of yoga? We all know how important good health is to us on a personal level. Yoga builds a powerful society.

PM Modi said that the phenomenal speed seen in things like Swachh Bharat and startups in the past years is the impact of this energy. Be it India’s culture or social structure, spirituality or our vision… we have always welcomed the adoption tradition, protected new ideas. We have celebrated diversity. Yoga strengthens each of these possibilities.

Journey from Karma to Yoga

On the occasion of Yoga Day, PM Modi said that we have to eliminate our contradictions through yoga. We also have to overcome our blockages and resistances through yoga. We have to present India – the best India – to the world. It has been said about yoga that skill in action is yoga. This mantra is very important for all of us in the time of independence. We chart the journey from Karma to Karma Yoga. I am sure that through yoga we will improve our health and also imbibe these resolutions

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