Elon Musk pitches for India after meeting PM Modi in New York

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Twiter boss Elon Musk on Wednesday declared himself ‘incredibly excited about the future of India’ and that it had more to offer the world than any other large country. Musk’s praise came after what he said was an ‘excellent’ meeting with PM Narendra modi  in New York this morning, after which he underlined the PM ‘really cares about India’ and that he had spoken passionately about electric car maker Tesla, Inc. investing in the country.

For his part Modi – who met Musk for the first time since he bought out Twitter in a headline-grabbing $44 billion deal last year – tweeted, “Great meeting you today Elon Musk! We had multifaceted conversations on issues ranging from energy to spirituality.”

To this, Musk replied, “It was an honour to meet again.”

“I am incredibly excited about the future of India. It has more promise than any other large country in the world and the PM really cares about India… because he is pursuing us to make a significant investment… which is something we need to do. In a nutshell, it was a fantastic meeting with the prime minister.”

“He wants to be open… he wants to be supportive of new companies and make sure it accrues to India’s advantage. Which, obviously, that’s the job,” the billionaire investor added.

On investment in India

Musk, though reluctant to confirm, said there will likely be further investment.

“We do not want to jump the gun on an announcement but I think it is quite likely it will be a significant investment in our relationship with India,” he said.

He also thanked Modi for his support and said, “… hopefully we will be able to announce something in the not so distant future.”

Tesla executives visited India in May and spoke with ministers and government officials about a manufacturing base for cars and batteries. Musk had said Tesla is likely to pick a location for a new factory by the end of this year and that India is an ‘interesting’ option.

Tesla last year shelved its India entry plans due to high import tax structures.

Meanwhile, while nothing has been said yet, speculation suggests Musk might also be looking at solar energy after calling India ‘great’ for such investment.

PM Modi’s US visit

PM Modi is visiting the United States at the invitation of president Joe Biden.

This is a historic meeting between the two world leaders because it is Modi’s first State visit to the US and only the third of Biden’s term so far, underlining the strength of America-India relations.



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