Stoltenberg expected to be asked to extend another term as NATO Chief amid replacement challenges

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NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg is likely to be asked to continue in his role for another year, according to an anonymous source familiar with the discussions and a US official, both quoted by Reuters news agency. The US official, speaking on condition of anonymity, stated that the Biden administration is increasingly open to the idea of Stoltenberg staying on, as there is currently no consensus within the alliance regarding his replacement.

“The (Biden) administration is coming around (to) the idea of Stoltenberg staying on for another year. It doesn’t look like there is consensus at the moment within the alliance on his replacement,” the source said.

Stoltenberg leaves replacement decision to alliance members

Jens Stoltenberg stated on Thursday that it is ultimately up to the member countries of the alliance to decide whether they want to replace him. As discussions take place among NATO’s 31 nations, the search for a successor to the position of secretary general is underway in preparation for an upcoming summit of leaders in Vilnius, Lithuania.

“When it comes to my successor that is an issue to be decided by the 31 allies,” Stoltenberg said at a meeting of NATO defense ministers in Brussels. “I’m responsible for all decisions that this alliance has to take except one, and that is about my future, that is for 31 allies to decide.”

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