Bhildi Railway Police on the basis of a tip-off arrested Accuse near Disa Highway and seized a total of Rs.28,50, 005.

Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Today, Bhildi police arrested the accused who escaped from the train with a bag full of jewelry. Kailashbhai Pirdanji Rao, originally from Ria village in Rajasthan and currently residing in Ahmedabad, has been driving his own pick-up car on rent at Patel Kagi Courier in Ahmedabad for the past seven years. Where on April 24, his friend Anand Govindbhai Padhiyar-Mali (originally from Disa Rajpur, now residing at Palanpur Abu Highway Shakar Residency) who was previously working with him as a driver left for Rajasthan in the Sabarmati-Jedahpur train. Meanwhile, Anand got off the train carrying his bag full of gold and silver jewelery and clothes. In this regard, Kailashbhai Rao filed a complaint at Bhildi Railway Out Post Police Station. During the investigation, the Bhildi Railway Police, acting on a tip-off, caught Anand near Disa Highway Bridge and extorted from him a total of Rs. The case dated 28, 50, 005 was seized and presented to the court and remand was attempted.

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