Baba Bageshwar’s dispute reached the High Court! Dhirendra Shastri will come to Ahmedabad tomorrow amid controversies.

Ahmedabad, Gujarat

There is a huge controversy regarding the visit of Baba Bageshwar, who claims to know the mind and remove all the problems of the people. Because, the divine court of Baba Bageshwar is going to be held in different cities of Gujarat. Amidst this situation, Baba Bageshwar’s dispute reached the High Court.

An application has been made in the Gujarat High Court to stay the court of Baba Bageshwar. On the other hand, regarding Baba Bageshwar’s arrival in Gujarat, the state government said from the front that law and order will be maintained in this program. The Gujarat government has given such a guarantee from the front.

The petitioner has submitted to the court that Baba’s court should not take place. It has been alleged in the petition that Baba was giving speeches against other communities. The court rejected the petitioner’s demand for an urgent hearing. The court said that there is no immediate need for such a hearing. Baba Bageshwar is coming to Gujarat amid all these controversies

Big news about Baba Bageshwar’s Gujarat tour: Bageshwar Dham Sarkar and Dhirendra Shastri popularly known as Baba Bageshwar will come to Ahmedabad tomorrow. Devkinandan will attend Maharaj’s Katha, which is running in Ahmedabad’s Vatwa. Baba Bageshwar will be present tomorrow from 3 pm to 7 pm. Baba Bageshwar alias Dhirendra Shastri considers Devkinandan Maharaj as his elder brother.

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