Scientists make solar-powered clothing system that works like personal AC

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Researchers have introduced a groundbreaking solar-powered clothing system, which can revolutionise the landscape of wearable technology.

According to a team of scientists, they have made solar-powered smart clothing using flexible solar cells and an electronic device.

Together, they create clothing that allows the body to adapt to significant temperature changes outside, according to the study published in the journal Science.

The smart clothing promises not only enhanced comfort and safety but also supports human endurance in extreme environments such as the Arctic, deserts, or space.

Significance of solar-powered clothing system

According to the researchers, the exacerbating climate crisis might make it difficult to wear conventional clothing items to keep the body hot or cold during extreme temperatures.

So, smart clothing is needed so that the body can quickly adapt to drastic temperature changes outside.

According to the scientists, the smart clothing can very well be integrated into conventional clothing.

“The device can provide 10.1 degrees Celsius of cooling, but also keep it 3.2 degrees warmer than bare skin alone,” the Independent reported.

“The system can keep people within the comfortable thermal zone of 32-36 degrees, even when the outside temperature varies between 12.5 degrees and 37.6 degrees.”

Extremely efficient

According to the authors of the study, the system is extremely efficient as it can provide 24 hours of use just from 12 hours of charging in sunlight.

The technology “opens many possibilities for developing actively controlled, self-powered and wearable localised thermal-management systems and expanding human adaptation to harsh environments”, researchers said in a statement.

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