HC ruminants on AMC’s reply to move Law Garden lorry-Gallawala to Sindhu Bhavan

Ahmedabad, Gujarat

AMC affidavit in the case of giving alternative place to lorry-gallawalas of Law Garden C­. G. Road or Sindhubhan Road said their alternative arrangement is impossible. Acting Chief Justice A. J. A bench of Desai and Justice Biren Vaishnav argued that, why can’t you arrange them on Sindhubhan Road? Is it Billionaire or Millionaire Street? Is there any reason for the beauty of Sindhubhan Road? They don’t move the Larigallas of Law Gardens there to keep the area beautiful? The hearing of the case has been scheduled on July 26. In the hearing of this case Mun. Answering the question of the High Court, he said that the petitioners cannot be shifted there so that there is no traffic jam at Sindhubhan. The High Court said that we know where there is a traffic issue on Sindhubhan Road. The corporation said that if a food court like Law Garden is set up there, then the problem of trafficking may arise. The court again pointed out that there is nothing special about the Sindhubhan Road issue. Why can’t those who were doing food business at Law Garden be placed at Sindhubhan? Is the beauty of Sindhubhan Road an issue? They don’t move these people there to keep the area beautiful. Earlier he was at Law Garden. Now they are removed from there and refuse to give space at Sindhubhan. The corporation said that the rents proposed for this space are too low. The High Court again asked that, what is the name of Sindhu Bhavan? Is it Billionaire or Millionaire Street? Billionaire is too mild a word for it. In the petition before the HC, the petitioners had submitted that they should be given alternative accommodation at Khau Gali Law Garden or Sindhu Bhavan Road, seeking alternative accommodation for the lorry-gallawalas of Long Garden.

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