Association of Gujarat Engineering & Technological Diploma Colleges Requested Diploma Admission Committee to Extend 10more days for Diploma Registration.

Education, Gujarat

After the class 10 result announced on May 25 this year, the passed students are working to get admission in that course for the purpose of further study according to their result. The time for registration for students who are willing to pursue Diploma Engineering has been announced by the Diploma Admission Committee from 16/05/2023 to 14/06/2023. A written submission has been made to the Diploma Admission Committee by Jitendrabhai Upadhyay, President of Association of Gujarat Engineering and Technological Diploma College today. In the presentation, he states that the students who want to take advantage of the government scheme have to prepare necessary documents with Aadhaar proof and many genuine students are coming from rural areas and they have demanded more than 10 days from 14/06/2023 for diploma registration.

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