The Milky Way Photographer of the year is all about spectacular images of our universe

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The competition features photos from all over the globe capturing the beauty and complexity of the night sky. The photos were taken in locations like Namibia, Australia, New Zealand and Japan. Hosted by photography blog Capture the Atlas, this year’s images were revealed on Wednesday. All we can say is that the 25 winning images can leave you stunned by the magnificence present in the universe.

“Modern cameras can capture vibrant details and colours in the night sky beyond what our eyes can see. However, what really matters in any great image is the photographer behind the camera, who provides the idea, plan, and creativity to bring the image to life,” Capture the Atlas stated on its blog.

The first photo in the set is from Yemen’s Socotra. The stars are captured from between the trees. The sky is coloured in hues of pink and purple. The image will surely leave you awestruck.

The second picture is from Argentina’s Cafayate Desert. The vast emptiness adds a stark contrast to the brightly lit sky.


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