Baba Bageshwar Divya Darbar at “Zundal”..!!!

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The Divine Darbar of World Famous Baba Bageshwar Pithadish Param Dhirendra Krishna Shastri Maharaj in Ahmedabad will be organized under the auspices of Guru Vandana Manch at Jundal, Gadhinagar.
The Divine Darbar of World Famous Baba Bageshwar Pithadhish, Dhirendrakrishna Shastri Maharaj was organized at Raghav Farm and Party Plot, S.P. Ring Road, Opposite Shivkrupa Cold Storage, Near Zundal Circle, Zundal, Gandhinagar under the cover of Guru Vandana Manch. came. Babaji’s views on Hindu unity, social harmony, caste-free Sanatan Dharma and the desecration of the Hindu nation are essential not only for the country of India but for the peace, well-being, prosperity and security of the entire world.
The main theme of the Guru Vandana Mancha is that Rajsatta should be accompanied by Dharmasatta, which is compatible with Babaji’s ideas of Hindushtra, as India without Dharmasatta cannot be imagined. This divine darbar will conclude in the holy presence of the most venerable saints of Guru Vandana Mancha Saptarishi Parishad, Brahyarshi Sabha and Dharmacharya Parishad. Babaji has called that “You support me, I will give you a Hindu nation” this call has been taken up by the great saints of Gujarat. Thousands of sadhus-saints of Gujarat of Guru Vandana Mancha will announce their support and cooperation to Babaji by attending the divine court for Babaji’s concept of Hindu nation to be realized soon and to make Babaji’s divine and godly efforts and manhood successful so that India will occupy the position of rebirth Guru. Shankhanad will.
Apart from Saints-Mahapurusha, Rashtra Vandana Mancha religious leaders, Hindu citizens and Hindu intellectuals will be present in large numbers in this divine court. Full preparations for the program are going on at Radhav Farm and Party Plot. The complete information on this subject was given by Mr. DG Vanjara, President, Rashtra Vandana Manch and Narrator Dr. Mr. Jalpesh Mehta, Chief Organizer, Guru Vandana Manch.

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