Laser eye surgery with next generation AI operated system at CSLC, Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Cure Sight Laser Centre (CSLC) is First in Gujarat and fifth in India to acquire

top in it’s class SILK Elita Laser Machine


· Flapless (lenticle based) laser eye surgery with exceptionalresultswhich is a better vision correction technique compared to LASIK laser procedure (flap based).

· With this technique the patient can resume regular activities from the very next day of surgery.

· Dr Aditya Desai is a specialist in Silk Flapless (lenticular based) procedure



Ahmedabad, 2nd of July. 2024

Cure Sight Laser Centre (CSLC) based in Ahmedabad uses the latest technology in the field of Refractive Laser Surgery. CSLC is the only laser eye centre in the world, which has five of the best laser machines in the world. These machines excel in the field of Refractive Surgery like Refractive Suite- Alcon (US FDA approved). CSLC also has technically advanced laser machines like the world’s fastest Excimer Laser Wavelight EX 500 which can correct 1 number in just 1.4 Secondsand the world’s fastest Femto second laser(Bladeless)Wavelight FS 200 which creates corneal flap in only 6 Seconds.


Latest in our armament is the state-of-art Silk Elita laser machine, a next generation AI operated system. CSLC is the first centre in Gujarat and the fifth in India to get this technology, with the help of which we are able to perform flapless (lenticle based) laser eye surgery with exceptional and remarkable results.


SILK Elita promises a superior supervision quality of 6/5 vision, but its unique flapless methodology also sets a new benchmark, introducing a fresh paradigm in vision correction techniques with and an edge over other Lasik procedures. It allows surgeons to perform refractive correction on patients with myopia, with or without astigmatism, via SILK procedure (Smooth incision lenticule keratomileusis). The Elita System leverages an ultra-precise laser pulse and fast laser delivery system to deliver a very smooth corneal surface, making lenticular removal extremely easy. It is designed to deliver improvements in surgical experiences and patient outcomes.


· Immediate Recovery Coupled with Ultimate Safety – the patient can resume their regular activities from the very next day and sports and athletic activities can be done after 5 to 7 days. It is safe for Sports personals, Army personals and Others Civil Service personals as there are no chances of injury due to flap.

· It is Bladeless, Painless, and Stitch-less

· Unmatched Precision, Efficiency, and Comfort throughout the procedure.

· Addressing the Concern of Dry Eyes – A common post-operative issue in many eye surgeries is the onset of dry eyes. However, with the SILK procedure, this concern sees a significant reduction.

· Being flapless there are less complaints of Halos, night glare, etc.

CSLC stands out from other laser eyecentres because of its ICL (Implantable Collamer Lens) implantation. Dr Aditya Desaiis an expert in ICL implantation and has received several National and International Awards for implanting ICL in a patient’s eye in just four minutes.ICL procedure can correct refractive error from -1.0 to -30.0 Dioptres myopia, and +1 to +10 Dioptres hypermetropia. At CSLC we have corrected refractive error of -32 Dioptres using Bioptics, i.e. an advanced combination of Lasik + ICL. CSLC is the first centre in western India to perform Evo Viva ICL implantation which can remove refractive error for both distant and near vision.

Cure Sight Laser Centre is the leading eye laser centre in the country. Founder and Chairman of CSLC Dr Parimal Desai is the pioneer of laser refractive surgery. He is the first eye surgeon in Gujarat and the third in India to start a laser eye centre in March 1995 for which he received the International Award for Pioneer in Refractive Surgery in Florida, USA in the year 1996. Dr Parimal Desai received prestigious Dr B. C. Roy award in 2017 at the hands of Hon’ble President of India Shri Pranab Mukherjee for excellence in the field. Chief refractive surgeon and Director of CSLC Dr Aditya Desai joined Cure Sight Laser Centre in 2018. Dr Aditya Desai is an expert in silk flapless (lenticular based) procedure and is the best surgeon in Gujarat in this field. Dr Parimal Desai and Dr Aditya Desai have received various notable National and International Awards in the field of refractive eye surgery.


At CSLC we have also been addressing refractive error through contoura vision correction. Contoura Vision Correction is a customized corneal ablation that provides 25 percent better patient eye outcomes compared to the standard LASIK laser procedure.


Femto Contoura (CustomizableBladefree LASIK) is the core strength of the Cure Sight Laser Centre. CSLC is the first laser centre in Ahmedabad to treat with this technology. We have performed more than 20,000 Femto Contour procedures in 12 years, creating the world’s fastest corneal lap in just six seconds.


The team of CSLC, under the leadership of Dr Parimal Desai and Dr Aditya Desai is recognized for performing one of the highest laser vision corrections in India and across the world, by PRK method, Lasik Laser procedure, Contoura Vision correction, Femto Contoura procedure (Blade free Lasik) and SILK (Smooth Incision Lenticule Keratomileusis) procedure. At CSLC, more than 3 lakh patients have been treated from all across India and 80 othercountries in the world.


Besides refractive error correction, CSLC provides all types of eye care under one roof, including Cataract surgery, Retinal services, Glaucoma surgery, Squint procedure, and Corneal services.


Along with our regular practice, we constantly strive to do our part in giving back to the society by providing our sincere services to underprivileged sector of the society, needy patients, religious saints, poor girls deprived of marriage because of glasses, and Poor boys who want to join armed forces, at very low concessional charges or free.

For the welfare of the society, we also conduct Free Eye Check-Up Camp for all patients who visit our centre twice a year – in the month of May & June, and again in October & November for past 20 years.

The commitment to providing best eye care to one and all is the utmost priority at CSLC. By spreading this message of advanced eye care to the society through your media, we humbly request you to bring awareness in the society and help us in this noble cause.

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