Stirling Hospitals salutes cancer warriors with its ‘Rise Again’ campaign

Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Sterling Hospital saluted the passion of 150+ cancer warriors and their family members at the end of National Cancer Awareness Month and National Cancer Survivors Month. Cancer Warriors had to go through a long battle against the disease and coped with it with the help of a strong support system including doctors, family members, friends and most importantly their willpower. Sterling Hospitals, a multispecialty hospital in Gujarat, actively works to increase cancer treatment capacity and create hope through its “Rise Again” campaign. The holistic approach of the hospital is a perfect blend of science and spirituality.

Despite the ongoing efforts, cancer continues to spread negativity. It is often seen as a fatal disease. This June, the hospital organized a special program for cancer survivors, aptly called “Cancer Warriors”. People who are successfully living with cancer have shared their experiences about the challenges of the negative effects associated with the disease. His journey is an effective proof of progress in cancer treatment.
The aim of the campaign is to spread optimism with cancer survivors as symbols of hope. It combines a new beginning and the triumph of human passion after a late battle has been successfully fought.
Cancer survivors were felicitated in this program. The program promoted community spirit and celebrated Jijivisha or the will to live. The program themed “Life is Beautiful” explained the importance of enjoying life to the fullest even with a cancer diagnosis. The program emphasized the importance of different approaches to relief, including aspects such as spirituality through association with Brahmakumaris.
On this occasion, MD and CEO of Sterling Hospitals Dr. Simardeep S Gill said, “Cancer is a long-term battle for patients of different age groups, the treatment of which involves a team of doctors, the inner passion of the patient and the support of family members to successfully overcome the challenges at various stages. With the Rise Again campaign, we have applauded the patient’s passion to fight a life-threatening disease like cancer and encouraged them to live their best lives. I am sure, this campaign will send a message of positivity to other patients currently battling cancer within the society.”
On this occasion Sterling Hospitals, Ahmedabad Director – Surgical Oncology Dr. Nitin Singhal said, “Despite not being among the top 10 states with the highest number of cancer cases, Gujarat is still fighting an important battle. While nationally the patient survival rate has increased from 45 to 48 percent, reaching 60 percent in some states, Gujarat still needs to work on the 50 percent rate. Early diagnosis and access to advanced treatments are important factors in overcoming this disparity.
He added, “We do our best to address colostomy bag management and resumption of speech and swallowing, providing nutrients, pain and analgesia to address the post-treatment challenges of patients, and music therapy for patients to alleviate the psychological negative impact of the disease.”

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