Sangath Group Organized Jain Vevishal Youth Choice Introduction Fair

Ahmedabad, Gujarat

On Sunday 30 June at Sangath Group Ghwara Ahmedabad. Introduction fair for selection of Jain Youth Spouse for Jains of all four castes namely Deravasi Sthanakwasi Digambar and Tera Panth of all castes of scheduled Jains*
* The biggest tension for parents in present day western culture… their sons… daughters get good… cultured and religious character… but according to the changing era, everyone changes their thoughts according to their mood and Many times it happens that sons and daughters in many nakhras are not related until old age… Amidst all these problems Sangath Group has made a new attempt…. From cities to Jain ….. to gather sons … daughters and to match each character according to their own merits … and small and big … by persuasion and persuasion made both the characters meet their happy world. To inspire…. This is organized with the objective of today…. So everyone is requested to join in this planning*
*This Planning Music..Jyotish Marg Darshan…with Laughter Darbar….is going to be premium by management…..,*
Last date for registration will be 21-6-24….*

Jain Youth Fair Venue
*Venue…. Topaz Resurant.. Benquet…. Sungrace Acrade… Visat… Gandhinagar Highway… Chandkheda Ahmedabad 5*
*Program starts from 9.30 AM till completion*
*Entries required before 10 am on time For more information….. Contact formula*
*1) Vipulbhai Shah Advocate ..9427875307
*2) Brijesh Bhai Shah..9638604688*
*3) Subodh Bhai Seth….9825332345*

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