An amazing exhibition of Sunil Mehta’s pictures from the mining sector was held at Ravi Shankar Rawal Kala Bhavan.

Ahmedabad, Gujarat

An exhibition showcasing a rare collection of mining photography by Sunilbhai Mehta titled “The Big Vision” has opened at Ravi Shankar Rawal Kala Bhavan in Ahmedabad. Sunilbhai Mehta, who is fond of photography, captured Kamal’s photographs by photographing the mining area during his various assignments and four decades old photographs of mining can also be seen in this exhibition. Photographer Sunil Mehta’s images of mining, different from the usual subjects, show vibrancy.

Inaugurating the photo exhibition “The Big Vision”, retired IAS officer M Shahu, who served for a long time with the Department of Industries and Mines, said that this photography depicts the beauty of the mining sector, some of which are rare even for the people of the mining sector, knowledge and education for the department. is
Sunil Mehta is a well-known name in industrial and advertising photography. Born in 1960, Sunilbhai’s native place is Vadwan, but he was brought up in Ahmedabad from birth.
After deciding to pursue this field, he started learning the art of photography. He started with small projects in product photography. Whether the work was small or big, he always remembered the mantra taught by his father that ‘Photography is not just documentation. This is an art. Just with the perfect implementation of this mantra, his art of photography started to flourish. The turning point of his career came when he took up industrial photography. At that time almost all the big units of the Gujarat government like GMDC, GNFC, GSFC, GIDC, GACL, the image presented by Sunilbhai was unprecedented. Inanimate plants and buildings seemed to have come to life due to which his work was highly appreciated.

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