World Wildlife Day 2024: Date, theme, history, significance and all you need to know

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World Wildlife Day  is celebrated to promote sustainable practices that can help conserve biodiversity and raise public awareness of the need to protect and care for animals. Wildlife plays a major role in the upkeep and equilibrium of food systems. The planet’s enormous diversity supports the ecosystem that allows us to survive by providing us with enough food and air to breathe. Through education, advocacy, and action, World Wildlife Day encourages individuals, communities, governments, and organizations worldwide to work together to safeguard the planet’s rich and diverse wildlife for future generations. This occasion provides an opportunity to emphasise the importance of conserving biodiversity and adopting sustainable practices to protect wildlife and their habitats.

World Animals Day 2024 date and theme

World Animals Day is celebrated annually on March 3, and this year it falls on Sunday. Each year a special theme is chosen to celebrate the occasion and this year’s theme, “Connecting People and Planet: Exploring Digital Innovation in Wildlife Conservation,” highlights the potential of technology to advance conservation efforts. This theme is particularly relevant in today’s digital age, where technological advances can offer novel solutions to long-standing conservation challenges.

History of World Animals Day

World Wildlife Day was first proposed by Thailand to the UN General Assembly in 2013. The idea was to set aside a day to promote awareness of wild animals and plants around the world. The General Assembly adopted a resolution on 20 December 2013, designating March 3 as World Wildlife Day in 2014. The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES), a global agreement to ensure that international trade in specimens of wild animals and plants does not threaten their survival, was signed on this day in 1973.

World Animals Day significance

World Animal Day is an important global awareness event for the protection and conservation of animals. It serves as a reminder of the inherent value of animals and the need to treat them with kindness, decency and respect. It inspires people to take action to prevent cruelty, exploitation and abuse of all animals – wildlife, farm animals and pets. World Animal Day aims to raise awareness of the interconnectedness of all living things on our planet and to promote peaceful coexistence between humans and animals through activism, campaigning and education.


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