D&C Developers and Azaro Group set new benchmarks for luxury bungalows

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Coming up at Ognaj on SP Ring Road, the scheme features only 26 high-end 5BHK bungalows.

Ahmedabad: D&C Developers and Azaro Group have embarked on a transformative journey to redefine the essence of luxury living with the launch of Apricity, a pioneering real estate project in Ahmedabad. The grand unveiling of this one-of-a-kind project, offering a unique and unparalleled living experience for the privileged few, took place on Sunday.

Apricity is not merely a residential project but a groundbreaking venture transcending the ordinary and heralding a new era in luxury bungalows. This exclusive scheme reimagines the boundaries of residential excellence. Featuring only 26 meticulously planned 5BHK bungalows, starting from 5,184 sq ft, the scheme is coming up in the promising location of Ognaj near SP Ring Road.

Apricity’s unique features set it apart from any other bungalow scheme, not just in Ahmedabad, but the whole state. Characterised by European-style bungalows infused with an Indian touch, including the traditional otlo, the project caters to the needs of discerning buyers. A key feature of the scheme is its innovative approach to space utilisation, with parking spaces conveniently located in the basement, ensuring buyers have the entire plot area at their disposal.

Deval Patel, Director of D&C Developers, said, “Apricity marks a new milestone in Ahmedabad’s luxury real estate segment. We can confidently say that buyers would not have seen bungalows like this in Ahmedabad. This is because such bungalows have not been made or even thought of earlier. This is the first bungalow project in Ahmedabad and Gujarat with a no-vehicle zone.”

Apricity boasts distinctive features, including a private elevator for each bungalow, separate pooja and store rooms (with no structure above the pooja room), and additional green space for each residence. There is no common wall between two bungalows.

The unveiling of Apricity on Sunday was also a one-of-a-kind event, reminiscent of a KGF-like spectacle. The entire model bungalow was covered with a red curtain, which was lifted to unveil its grandeur and magnificence before 250 guests, who were left speechless by the unique offering. RJ Yashvi anchored the event, adding an extra layer of excitement to the occasion.

“A bungalow buyer in Ahmedabad typically has three or four real problems. One is budget, second is absence of parking space, third is lack of play area for children, and fourth is a bungalow right next to yours. We have endeavoured to solve each of these problems in the best way possible by creating this beautiful project,” Mr Patel emphasised.

All 26 bungalows in Apricity come with a private garden and face the lush green central garden. The layout ensures a distance of at least 150-200 feet between the bungalows for enhanced privacy. The ground floor is a no-vehicle zone, with vehicles to be parked in the basement, not in front of the bungalows.

The project’s other salient design elements include provision for visitor parking in the basement, dedicated walkway, temple, clubhouse, gym, swimming pool, jogging track, and indoor game facilities. Each bungalow comes with two car parking and ample room for two-wheelers.

Situated just four minutes from Science City and SG Highway, Apricity offers a prime location with a perfect blend of accessibility, tranquillity, and unparalleled living experience.

The name Apricity is derived from the Latin word Apricus, which means the warmth of winter sun or having lots of sunshine. To apricate means to bask in the sun, capturing the essence of the comfort and warmth Apricity brings to its residents.

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