German artist Philipp Frank creates canvas art with light projection on natural surfaces at Sa Ladakh exhibition

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The closing ceremony of the Sā Ladakh, Asia’s highest contemporary land art group exhibition , will witness the coming together of spirituality and the natural world during the projection of light on the natural surface by German artist Philipp Frank who has created a show themed around ‘water’ against the scenic Disko valley. Frank creates masterpieces that play tricks with stark contrast of light and shadows as well as projection mapping to create light sculptures. Speaking with ANI, Frank shared how he used light as a medium to create spellbinding Artworks at such high terrain.

“I started to create art when I was just a 14-year-old. I took some spray cans from the garage and started to do graffiti first,” Frank. He narrated also how he pursued arts leading to a full-fledged successful street art career. Grew up in Munich, Frank started off with pictures and then went on to project light on different natural surfaces – from tree trunks to mushrooms to rocks.

“The most inspiring thing for me is nature itself because I have spent so much time with nature. I grew up in a small village in Munich. I started to document small things that motivated me. I started with pictures and went on to projection mapping and pattern to share my vision of what I perceive and receive from nature artistically and make it visible for my audience”, said Philip Frank.

Frank, who is a light artist from Germany, has been invited to the Sā Ladakh festival to create some art in the mountain. For the festival, he has created an audio-visual show around the theme of water that will see the hard rock transformation into very liquid and dreamy art objects.

Frank is a multidisciplinary artist specialising in design, conception and installation and loves to combine analogue and digital skills in innovative ways, especially in “Videomural” artworks and designs ranging from objects, murals, stages, and events to site-specific installations.

Sā Ladakh, which commenced on August 1, focuses on climate, culture and community. The artists have harnessed the transformative potential of their artworks to spread a crucial message to conserve our precious natural resources and to instigate a profound appreciation for nature.

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