Ellis Bridge will become a new tourist spot

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A new design for a wooden bridge built in 1892 is ready, tenders are now out
A plan to strengthen Ahmedabad’s historic Alisbridge (Lakkadeo Bridge) along with developing a new tourist spot for the public is in the final stages. In 2019, the municipality commissioned a consultant for a feasibility report to strengthen the 130-year-old bridge. For this, a provision of approximately 54 lakhs was also made in the budget. At the end of 4 years, a design consultant to strengthen the bridge and develop it as a tourist spot prepared by Mun. has been assigned to the Corporation. Based on this design, the process of issuing a tender to develop the bridge in this way will be done in the next few days.


The bridge fell into disrepair after 131 years
Notably, this bridge will be restored in such a way that its architecture, the only one with heritage value, preserves its construction system and is an excellent example of the skill of the engineers of the time. This bridge was built in 1892. Lead and high quality steel were used in its base. The bridge is dilapidated after 131 years. Ahmedabadites will now have an additional and new tourist spot like Atal Bridge. According to sources, arrangements for entertainment will also be made on the bridge.

Some features of the bridge

There are total 14 spans on the bridge
Length of one span 30.96 m -1.52 m diameter of pillar
In the year 2012, AMC officials protested across the city regarding the demolition of the bridge
The decision was made by former mayor Asit Vora
Even after 100 years of rain, the bridge has not rusted till today
ACI i.e. Central Government Archeology Department clearance process in final stage

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