Complaint against the guardians of students who received addmission under RTE.

Ahmedabad, Education, Gujarat

Guardians and school administrators have come to admission in APC school in Ahmedabad’s Bhatt village. If the students entered by RTE are alleged to be discriminated by the school, then on the other hand, some guardians by administrators have submitted false documents under the RTE Act, allegations of being admitted to the children of the government to illegally break the government rules However, administrators said that the school has also been attacked by the students’ guardians entered into RTE in the event earlier a few days ago. Self by the school management in which. Today for the rescue, a press conference in APC School’s campus informed the media. This press conference was told by the school principal that the APS school has entered the documentation by submitting a document by 10 students’ guardians in the APS school. The students who have been admitted to the documents investigations, are also given the complaint in the police administration and the Principal, the complaints in the police station.

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