Credit framework for higher studies announced by Department of Education.

Education, Gandhinagar, Gujarat

As part of the new education policy, implementation of Common Curriculum and Credit Framework in all universities and higher educational institutions of Gujarat dated last. The decision was taken in the cabinet meeting held on July 5 and the official resolution has been published today, Tuesday. In a resolution published by the state education department, the credit framework for higher education has been announced, according to which all educational institutions in Gujarat will have to implement three/four-year degree programs from June 15, 2023-24. While the fourth year Honors with Research Program (Level-6) will be applicable from the academic year-2026-27. As per the resolution published by the Education Department, 132 credits for the three-year UG program and 176 credits for the four-year UG Honors or Honors with Research program will be applicable to the students taking admission in the current academic year. Fourth year is not compulsory for students taking admission in UG program from year-2023-24. Fourth year Honors or Honors with Research program from year-2026-27 will have to be applied with specific quality standard and admission will have to be given according to this standard.

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