GMERS organized India’s first ever Shravya INTERNATIONAL COCHLEAVISTA (O) WORKSHOP in Gandhinagar

Ahmedabad, Gujarat, National

In few instances, newborns are often unable to speak and hear after birth. So is it possible to cure such children? Will they ever be able to speak and hear like others? To share information and create awareness on how to combat this type of defect GMERS MEDICAL COLLEGE & HOSPITAL GANDHINAGAR organized India’s first ever Shravya INTERNATIONAL COCHLEAVISTA (O) WORKSHOP in Gandhinagar where experienced doctors will share their expertise while performing live surgeries.

The Course Director – Dr. NeerajSuri, a renowned ENT surgeon and Cochlear Implantologist – has extensively worked to mitigate hearing impairment in people, especially children, in Gujarat. She has joined hands with the health department of the Gujarat Government and has spearheaded many initiatives that ensure that a holistic approach is adopted to address the issue. International instructors like Prof. Dr. Javier Gavilan, Chairman, Department of otolaryngology, La Paz university hospital, Spain & Prof. Dr. Arun K Gadre, Clinical professor of otology and neurotology at the Geisinger common wealth school of medicine and the Geisinger medical centre in Danville PA, USA would be present at the time of live surgery.

Chief Guest Shri J P Gupta appreciated the academic program and wished Gandhinagar civil many more success. Besides, the cover page of the book “Imaging Handbook on Anatomy of Cochlea” written by Dr. Neeraj Suri was also launched. This book is releasing on July 31, 2023. Regarding this, Dr. Neeraj Suri said, “An ENT surgeon who is considering cochlear implant surgery needs to know how to read CT scans, MRIs. It is essential that the ENT surgeon also plays the role of a radiologist. This book is for them.”

Present on the occasion Dr. Neeraj Suri said, So far 2800 children in Gujarat have received hearing aid through free operation of cochlear implant for congenitally deaf-dumb children. Cochlear Implant Center of Gandhinagar Civil Hospital successfully completes 1600 surgeries. Today with this workshop we are trying to exchange our knowledge with by performing live surgeries. We have invited more than 300 delegates across globe to share their valuable insights. This was Narendra Modi Sir’s dream and he had plant a seed of cochlear, which today has become huge breathing trees for Gujarat.

The event will feature keynote presentations, panel discussions, interactive workshops, and live demonstrations. Participants can gain insights into cutting-edge research, emerging technologies, and best practices in cochlear implantology. It is also designed to assist paramedics in improving outcomes and patient experience. Surgeons, audiologists, and speech-language therapists will learn to analyze programs and implement best practices.

Doctors from different countries will also instruct and share their expertise. They will share information on how to combat this type of defects followed by instructions of post surgery and care. This treatment is a promising boon for a child who is unable to speak and hear by birth. The surgery performed, at the back of the child’s ear, wherein a chip is implanted. Supported by a machine that is placed outside the ear. The mechanism is similar as a ferromagnetic instrument, which remains attached to the chip. Also electrodes are inserted into the inner ear. With the advancement of science and technology, these kids are blessed to overcome such impairment.

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