A sting operation was conducted by the ‘AAP’ education wing of different private classes like Allen, Aakash and Bothra.

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Sting operation exposes mafia structure of dummy schools of classes and schools: Vikram Dave

Classes, Malays and financiers have conspired to loot in the structure of dummy schools: Vikram Dave

BJP govt has eye on all classes: Praveen Ram

School board members say results are falling due to dummy schools, yet no action taken by government: Praveen Ram

There is a fee of Rs 3 lakh only for the classes, there is no registration and the government has no control over it: Vikram Dave

Out of the 496 newly opened schools, not a single one is a government school. If checked many of these 496 schools will turn out to be dummies: Vikram Dave

Commercialization of education is going on in Gujarat and because of this we see that even in 12th science the result has come down by 14%: Sheetal Upadhyay

BJP has traded education and engaged in anti-national and anti-state activities: Praveen Ram

Advocate Sheetalben Upadhyay, vice president of Aam Aadmi Party’s education cell, speaking to the media on a serious matter, said that the commercialization of education is going on in Gujarat and due to this, we saw that the result of 12th science was also reduced by 14%. When the Gujarat government asked for information from the board members, the board members replied that such a result has come due to dummy schools in Gujarat. When this matter came to our attention, we also thought about it and we conducted a sting operation by the members of the education cell of Aam Aadmi Party. Apart from me, Vikrambhai Dave, Hasmukhbhai Parikh and Sangitaben Sagar joined in this sting operation. We conducted a sting operation on different private classes like Alan, Akash and Bothra.

Later, Aam Aadmi Party spokesperson Vikrambhai Dave while presenting information about the sting operation to the media said, “When it was said by the people inside the education department that the results are coming down due to dummy schools, we went deep into the matter. We saw a whole mafia-like structure of new schools emerge. In this dummy structure, the classes, the Malnayas and the financiers have combined and looted. When we went for the sting operation at Alan Kalasis, we were told that there is a fee of 3 lakh rupees for the classes alone. It is not registered in any way and the government has no control over it. And when we express our concern, how will a child appear in board exams based on classes alone? So those people told us that a separate school has been arranged for this and 30 to 50 thousand rupees have to be paid in that school. Apart from this, those people are also ready to arrange a hostel and if there is a problem of finance, Bajaj Finance is also ready to provide funds.

After presenting the videos of the sting operation before the media, Vikrambhai Dave continued his point and said that Aam Aadmi Party always says that because of the rule of one government for 28 years, a mafia structure has been created everywhere and education is not excluded from it. These classes do not have to do any kind of registration and do not have to show their statistics to the government. Due to this, such classes are encouraged. Education Minister Jitubhai Vaghani said some time ago that 496 schools were licensed in the last three years. Out of these 496 schools, not a single school is a government school. We believe that many of these 496 schools will turn out to be dummies if investigated. Millions of rupees are financed by the finance companies and then if the student does not like these classes and if he leaves the classes then the amount paid is not returned to the parent.

After that, Aam Aadmi Party’s Gujarat Region Frontal President Praveenbhai Ram said that, if we look at the whole matter carefully, we will realize that the BJP government is keeping an eye on all classes. It is the responsibility of the government to control any classes if they are robbing the parents. The board members said that the results are falling due to dummy schools, but no action has been taken by the government so far. The reason is that their students have opened schools and sat down. Because of this, the money that is earned goes to the BJP.

If any country and state wants to progress, it has to provide affordable, good and free education to the students at the grass roots. But BJP has traded them and is doing anti-national and anti-state activities, which we will never tolerate. We demand that immediate action be taken on such new schools and classes, otherwise the Aam Aadmi Party will announce its strategy on this issue in the near future. Also, we are fully prepared to protest in all districts.



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