Weather Update: Formal onset of Monsoon in the state, rain forecast in the area for the next 5 days


The Meteorological Department has given important information regarding the onset of monsoon in Gujarat. Monsoon has already entered some areas of Gujarat. Monsoon will enter Gujarat in the next two days. Monsoon has entered Gujarat about 10 days late. There is relief news for the farmers as monsoon rains started in the state. Meteorological Department has predicted heavy rain in Ahmedabad, Surat, Vadodara for the next five days.

Bhavnagar city and district also witnessed rainy weather today. Here, including Bhavganar, Ghogha and the surrounding rural areas also got a chill in the atmosphere due to rain. Farmers have breathed a sigh of relief as it rained in villages including Khokhra, Sidsar, Valukad.

As soon as the monsoon entered the state, Medharaja entered the rural areas of Gir Somnath district. It has rained in Talala and surrounding areas. It rained in surrounding rural areas including Akolawadi, Dhawa, Surwa, Madhpur. Farmers are also happy as the crops including groundnut, soybean are benefited by this rain at the beginning of monsoon.

Premonsoon activity across the state, know how much rain fell in the last 24 hours?

Monsoon will hit the state in the next 24 hours as per the prediction of the Meteorological Department. As a part of which premonsoon activity is being seen across the state. Know how much rain has fallen in the state in the last 24 hours.

Rain in 111 talukas of the state in last 24 hours

Godhra of Panchmahal received four and a half inches of rain
Three and a half inches of rain in Kheda Matar in 24 hours
Three and a half inches of rain in Lodhika taluk in 24 hours
Three inches of rain in Deser taluka in 24 hours
Three quarters of an inch of rain in Anand, Petlad in 24 hours
Two inches of rain in Umreth, Halol, Nadiad in 24 hours
Two inches of rain in Jessore, Kalol, Sojitra in 24 hours
Two inches of rain in Savli, Thasara, Umargam in 24 hours
Two and a half inches of rain in Mehmedabad, Tarapur in 24 hours
One and a half inches of rain in Ghoghamba, Dhanpur in 24 hours
One inch of rain in Vadodara, Galateshwar in 24 hours
One inch of rain in Bijapur, Dahod, Valsad in 24 hours
1/4 inch rain in Rajula, Padra in 24 hours
Monsoon may set in Gujarat in next 48 hours
Rainy weather in Ahmedabad before the arrival of monsoon
Rain in many areas of Ahmedabad city
Rainfall in SG Highway, Sola, Gota area
Rainfall in Science City, Thalatej area
Big news regarding the arrival of monsoon in the state
Monsoon may set in Gujarat in next 48 hours
Commencement of pre-monsoon activity in the state
Rainy weather will remain in Gujarat due to pre-monsoon activity

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