Department of Anesthesia at GCS Medical College, Hospital and Research Center organized CPR – COLS Mega Event for Gujarat Police Staff

Ahmedabad, Gujarat, National

Gujarat State Government, Indian Society of Anesthesiologists, Doctor Cell of BJP as part of health and safety program CPR – COLS and Pledge of Organ Donation at 51 locations across the state, dt. It was held on June 11 from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. In which 55,000 police personnel were given theoretical and practical training by 2500 doctors. Dr Neerja Gotru (ADGP) Vigilance Department Sett. Parishita Rathore (I/C DIGP), DCP, ACP, Dr. Dharmendra Gajjar, Dr. Atul Gandhi (ISA and Asthesya) witnessed and inaugurated the programme.

Under the above program – Honorable Director of GCS Medical College, Hospital and Research Center, Mr. Dr. Kirti Patel, Dr. Jagdish Khoyani, Dr. Hina Chanwal, Dr. Bipin Shah and Colonel Dr. 2 centers were established under the guidance of Sridhar. About 2205 police personnel were trained in CPR – COLS training by 18 doctors of anesthesiology team. Dean of GCS Medical College, Hospital and Research Center – Dr. Yogendra Modi Sir, Deputy Superintendent – Harshil Dharaiya Sir is grateful for his continuous support and help.

GCS Hospital is a NABH accredited 750-bed hospital. With the best medical expertise, ultra-modern infrastructure and facilities and a social service objective, GCS Hospital today operates to provide treatment to all sections of the society from diagnosis to treatment at nominal rates.


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