A blood donation camp was held at Rifle Club Khanpur for communal goodwill and unity in connection with the Rath Yatra.

Ahmedabad, Gujarat

In line with the upcoming Rath Yatra, a blood donation camp was organized today at Khanpur Rifle Club under the chairmanship of Additional Commissioner of Police Sector-1 with the help of Red Cross Society for social unity and goodwill among the Hindu-Muslim people under the jurisdiction of Deputy Commissioner of Police Zone-2 at Khanpur Rifle Club. Commissioner of Police Zone-2 and Assistant Commissioner of Police “C” and “L” Division and Police Inspector and Police Sub-Inspector of Shahpur, Karanj, Madhupura, Riverfront East Police Station and police staff men were present and people of Hindu-Muslim community in the blood donation camp. Also, police officers/employees met and a total of 170 people donated blood, all of whom were honoured with certificates.

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