Srikashtabhanjandev Dada was decorated with colorful flower petals and divine decoration of flowers.

Gujarat, National

On the occasion of Vadtaldham Bicentenary Festival and Centenary Festival at Salangpurdham Sri Swaminarayan Mandir Vadtaldham managed legendary pilgrimage at Salangpurdham Sri Kastabhanjandev Hanumanji Temple under the inspiration of Rev. Shastri Swami Hariprakashdasji (Athanawala) and under the guidance of Kothari Sri Viveksagardasji Swami. Srikashtabhanjandev on 10-06-2023 on the occasion of Saturday Dada was decorated with colorful flower petals and the throne was decorated with divine flowers and Mangala Aarti Pujari Swami at 05:30 am and Rangar Aarti Kothari at 7:00 am by Sri Viveksagardasji Swami. Also, Maruti Yagya was organized in the temple premises. Paro Haribhakta was blessed to have the benefit of seeing his aarti





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