DGP meeting regarding Rath Yatra of Lord Jagannath in Ahmedabad.

Ahmedabad, Gujarat, Religious

The second largest and historical Lord Jagannath of the country

146 Rath Yatra is now counting days away. Then all people are contributing to help as much as they can. The Rath Yatra starting from the city of Ahmedabad covers an approximate route of 22 km. With regard to which a meeting is being held with the people of different communities to prevent any untoward incident. In this regard, an important meeting was organized today at the Jagannath Temple with the police officers of various departments of Gujarat.

A meeting was organized today to get arrangements for Lord Jagannath 146th Rath Yatra in which a meeting was held with the leaders of the area that passes through the 8 police station areas in Ahmedabad. In which Rath Yatra was talked and discussed. Rath Yatra is an example of communalism. People of every society are in high spirits. – Development Assistance, DGP Gujarat

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