Patidar Business Summit 2024 to be held at Rajkot: Resolution for construction of Sardar Dham University

Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Sardardham is a registered organization registered under Public Trust and functions with the focus on educational and economic development of Sardardham youth in line with the objectives of the Constitution.
Sardar Dham has set five major targets under the mission and vision.
(1) Building Project
(2) GPSC/UPSC / Defense / Judiciary Civil Service Centre
(3) Global Patidar Business Summit (GPBS) 2018-20-22-24-26
(4) Global Patidar Business Organization (GPBO)
(5) Yuva Tej-Tejaswini Association
Under the Sardardham Mission 2026, it has been decided to hold a business summit every 2 years at Sardardham, the Vibrant Gujarat equivalent of the state government. Business Summit held at Mahatma Mandir, Gandhinagar in 2018 and Business Summit at Helipad Exhibition Ground, Gandhinagar in 2020, both these summits have been a grand success. Business Summit-2022 was organized at Sarasana International Exhibition Convention Centre, Surat. GPBS-2024 was organized at Rajkot, the capital city of Saurashtra. To be held on 7, 8, 9, 10 January 2024.
Characteristics of GPBS-24
Exhibition stalls of more than 1100 business categories
Presence of more than 1000 actual international bureaus from 30 countries
Organization of exhibitions – business seminars and B2B meetings under the Global Summit
Special Discount in Exhibition Stall Booking for Women Entrepreneurs / Agriculture / Dairy Sector / Members of GPBO
Attendance of approximately 10 lakh people from all over the country
Sponsorship / stall booking opportunity for entrepreneurs from all walks of life
Participation of various units of Central and State Governments
In order to promote GPBS-24, more than 50 promotional programs will be held at different places in the country and abroad. Promotional program-10 has been organized at Sardardham Ahmedabad on 28-5-2023. In this program, Union Minister Shri Mansukhbhai Mandaviya will be present in the chair and Cabinet Minister Shri Rishikeshbhai Patel and Cabinet Minister Shri Balwant Singh Rajput will be present as the inaugural function.

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