Mumbai-like scenes in Ahmedabad metro, people had to stand near the door

Ahmedabad, Gujarat

The fever of the IPL final match has reached people in Ahmedabad today. The final match between Gujarat Titans and Chennai Super Kings is to be played today at the Narendra Modi Stadium. As a result, there is a lot of enthusiasm among the cricket fans. A large number of people are reaching outside the stadium before the match starts. Cricket fans are reaching Narendra Modi Stadium in metro train. At that time, people are also very excited in the metro train. People are shouting the names of Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Gujarat and Hardik Pandya. Even in the metro train, people are showing their enthusiasm by downloading videos and watching the match. Seeing a large crowd in the metro train to reach the Narendra Modi Stadiumg getting A large number of people boarded the train from every stationa and there is no space to even step in the metro train. The door to the people forced to stand by. People are shouting the name of Dhoni Dhoni and GT-GT as they come from every station. On the other hand, most of the people outside the stadium are wearing Chennai team t-shirts, shouting Dhoni Dhoni.

People are seen entering the stadium from all sides. People are very enthusiastic about the match. Young kids, youth, glamor and old people of all ages have come to watch the final match of IPL today. People are coming from the road shouting Dhoni Dhoni. People are so excited for the match from the metro train itself that they are just shouting the names of Dhoni Dhoni and Hardik Pandya.

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