Businessman commits suicide by jumping from riverfront walkway into river: letter and 3 videos found.

Ahmedabad, Gujarat

A businessman jumped into the river from the riverfront walkway today :Suicide letter and 3 videos found

A businessman committed suicide on Thursday afternoon by jumping into the river from the riverfront walkway under Chandranagar Bridge. The police found a letter written by the businessman as well as three videos. In which the businessman mentioned that the seven accused, including his wife and her lover, forced him to commit suicide. The businessman mentioned in the video that the wife was filing a false police complaint at the behest of her lover and another woman and that the men who had taken jewelery worth six lakhs and Rs 85,000 had committed suicide under torture. The deceased businessman had married secondly after the death of his first wife. The Riverfront West Police has registered a case against seven people including the deceased’s wife and is investigating. Based on the complaint of Aniket, son of deceased businessman Bhupendrabhai Govindbhai Solanki (age, 44), who lived in Sri Hari Apartment in Vejalpur, the Riverfront West police arrested the second wife of the businessman, Ushabehan Chandubhai Majirana, her lover Harish Thakkar, Ramesh Mansur Dodia, Dhirubhai Khimjibhai Parmar, Rameshbhai alias Jojo Jivanbhai Wagh. Ella and Vaishali A case has been filed against Patel and Kuldeep aka Nashat Premchand Prajapati. According to the complaint, after the death of his first wife Manjubehan seven years ago, Bhupendrabhai married Ushabehan a second time. After marriage, the wife stayed in Vejalpur for some time and started living in Naranpura house. The deceased told the son that Ushabhe had lodged a false complaint of molestation on Bhupendrabhai in Naranpura at the behest of her lover Harish Thakkar and Vaishali Patel. While Bhupendrabhai was taking sleeping pills, the wife called the police saying that there was a dispute over her husband’s drinking. Thus, Bhupendrabhai was troubled as his wife was moving around with other people. Apart from this, Bhupendrabhai had sold jewelery worth six lakhs from Ramesh Vaghela alias Jojo and Dhirubhai Parmar at the behest of Rameshbhai Dodia. The accused of this jewelery did not return it after taking it to wear saying that they would give it in two days as there was a wedding in the house. Apart from this, Kuldeep aka Nasta Prajapati was paid Rs. Bhupendrabhai gave the amount of 85 thousand. Kuldeep’s father Premchandbhai signed this note.

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