More than 800 Chartered Accountants of Gujarat conferred with the title.

Ahmedabad, Gujarat

A convocation ceremony was organized for the recently passed out new Chartered Accountants at Pandit Deendayal Upadhyaya Convention Center by the Ahmedabad Branch of The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI). ICAI President CA Aniket Talati addressed the passouts across the country through Video Conferencing. During the programme,CA Mahendra Raicha, Founder, Zenith Healthcare was present as the Chief Guest, Central Council Member CA Purushottam Khandelwal, Center Council Member CA Vishal Doshi, Ahmedabad Branch Chairperson CA (Dr) Anjali Choksi, Ahmedabad Branch Secretary CA Abhinav Malviya and all the officers and more than 800 passed CAs and their guardians were present.

ICAI President CA Aniket Talati said that in the past the chartered account passouts were on ly 3 to 5 percentage. Where as now in the era of digitalization, due to increase in resources, the percentage of result has increased. Encouraging the newly passed Chartered Accountants present in the program about the CA profession, CA Aniket Talati  said that our aim should always be high, and the spirit of Nation First. Be eager to grab every opportunity that may arise in the future.

CA Aniket Talati, President of ICAI, while emphasizing on three lessons, said that in life you should be internally energetic and internally motivated, give proper advice to your clients, do time management and always work hard.

CA Mahendra Raicha, Founder, Zenith Healthcare, who was present as a special guest at the graduation ceremony organized by ICAI Ahmedabad Branch, congratulated all the new CAs of the country who passed out recently. You are and God’s blessings have been received by you to make it meaningful, take a rule today that you will never give wrong guidance or advice to your client. To encourage new chartered accountants, he had given his own example that I run a healthcare organization after becoming a CA, so if you also become a CA, keep your aim high and you will be able to achieve success in any field based on your abilities.

Central Council member CA Purushottam Khandelwal said that the signature of every CA is as powerful as the signature of the Prime Minister of the country. According to the words of Honorable Prime Minister of the country Shri Narendrabhai Modi, all the new CAs who passed the CA exam are the watchmen of the country. We will never use any shortcut to make our nation economically prosperous and develop the country’s economy, we will always be ready to face the global situation and contribute significantly to the development of the country.

Center council member CA Vishal Doshi, while guiding the young CAs who passed the CA exam, said that everything is not over after passing the CA exam, everyday there will be a new challenge, and you will always have to upgrade yourself to face it and bring a solution. . There will be both challenge and risk in every decision you have to take to make your future successful, but your dedication and hard work will make you successful.

CA (Dr.) Anjali Chokshi, Chairperson, ICAI Ahmedabad Branch congratulated all the new Chartered Accountants and their parents present at the graduation ceremony for choosing the right direction for the bright future of their children and said that the most important exam in professional course is CA Professional, in which the passed All new chartered accountants should always be ready to do social work. She further said that  ICAI is a brand name, it has a very important part in keeping the country’s economy in motion, ICAI’s contribution is very useful in building the foundation of strengthening the country economically.

Today, CA graduation ceremonies were held at 12 centres in the country, in which more than 15,000 new Chartered Accountants were awarded the degree. A total of 800 chartered accountants have been awarded the title in Gujarat.

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