Ahmedabad SOG Crime Branch seized Mephedrone worth more than 3 lakhs.

Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Police Commissioner Ahmedabad city has instructed to do effective work to prevent drug trafficking in Ahmedabad city. Based on the information received, the total quantity of illegal narcotic drug mephedrone without pass-permit was 33 grams 870 mg/km from the possession of accused Ilias Maiyuddin Sheikh on the public road next to Shri Tulshi restaurant located in front of Kashiram tax tiles from Narol circle to Danilimda in Ahmedabad city. Rs. 3, 38, 700/- and other items found total cost of Rs. 3, 64, 280 has been expedited. Accused against N. d. P. S. According to Act Section-8(C), 21(B), 29, a crime has been registered and further action has been taken.

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