More than 12 people were caught gambling in open government premises from Eastolabad in Sanand.


IGP V. Chandrashekhar Ahmedabad and District Police Superintendent Amit Vasava Ahmedabad during patrolling in the police station area under the guidance of Deputy Superintendent B.S. Vyas Sanand under the guidance of Deputy Superintendent of Police B.S. Vyas The police received private information that Galaji Vihabhai Thakor resides in Nawa Istolabad Village, Daskroi Ahmedabad and called people from outside through a private vehicle and was gambling inside and outside with ganjipatta leaves under an acacia bush in the boundary of Nawa Istolabad village. Based on the information, the staff men and the Panches raided the place for gambling.(1) Melabhai Ravjibhai Thakor (2) Rajubhai Vitthalbhai Rathore (3) Karthik Gordhanbhai Thakor (4) Harshad Budhaji Thakor (5) Vijay Pratapsinh Lodha (6) Melabhai Ambalal Thakor (7) Dilipbhai Waghjibhai Thakor (8) Baldevbhai Budhabhai Thakor (9) Naresh Udesinh Thakor (10) Kishan Vishnubhai Thakor (11) Laxmanbhai Atmaram Thakor 12) Navdhan and Vinubhai Thakor

Wanted (1) Kanubhai alias Lambu Ashabhai Thakor Residing at Istolabad Dt.Dashcroi (2) Galaji Vihabhai Thakor Residing at Nava Istolabad Village Dt.Dashcroi Ahmedabad (3) Melabhai Budhabhai Thakor Residing at Ropad Village Dt.Dashcroi Ahmedabad (4) Raisangbhai Residing Rupaji Thakor Ropad Village Date Daskroi District Ahmedabad (5) Suresh Kavithia Resident Bharwad Resident Nandez Village Date Daskroi Not found present. And along with all the above accused persons, they were caught playing gambling inside and outside the open field with a cash amount of Rs.27,150/- and the legal action is taken.

Functioning Officer/Employees:-

In doing this operation, Police Inspector MA Vaghela and ASI. Rupabhai Mashrubhai A.H.C. Medharajsingh Dilubha A.H.C. Jayendrasingh Baldevsingh, P.C. Indrajitsinh Lalubha, P.C. Kalpeshbhai Gagjibhai, P.C. Himanshu Maheshbhai, P.C. Shaileshbhai Baldevbhai and P.C. Vijay Singh Prabhat Singh etc. Police staff have worked together.








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