In Ahmedabad today, for the first time, the chariot will leave before God.


Preparations are being made for the 146th Rath Yatra in Ahmedabad. Then today for the first time the rehearsal of the newly built chariot will be done. Not only this, the chariot will be rehearsed by sailors on the entire route.

Especially the steering of the new chariot will be checked. The temple administration of the new chariot will rehearse the chariot along with sailors.

The special thing is that new chariots have been prepared for the Ahmedabad Rath Yatra. It will be checked whether the chariot will turn in the lanes on the route in the Rath Yatra. And if there is any defect it will be rectified before the Rath Yatra. Also, if any kind of technical fault is found in it, it will be rectified. With only 28 days left for the Rath Yatra, all the preparations are being monitored. On the day of Ashadhi Bija, the Rath Yatra starts in Ahmedabad along with Jagannathpuri. This time the main attraction of the 146th Rath Yatra is the Chariots of God. However, every year the Lord’s chariot is built in Puri. But after 72 years, the chariot of Ahmedabad is being constructed. The special thing to note is that the size of the new chariot is as per the tradition of the temple. Teak and Sesam wood have been used for chariot making. This wood is in high demand. God’s new chariots will be made to last for 80 years. It will take approximately four months to make the chariot. 5 The chariot is being constructed by the craftsman.

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