Dharamshibhai of Jeevanpura village of Sanand taluka of Ahmedabad, after contacting the Ahmedabad district agriculture branch, cultivated jawara not for Gauri Vrat but for juice.

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Jawara should be remembered in everyone’s mind as the Gourivrat performed by small children, but Jawara juice is being sold everywhere in Ahmedabad due to its 13 types of vitamins, its juice is very useful for high blood pressure, skin, hemoglobin deficiency and blood diseases, and its demand is increasing. A farmer of Jeevanpura village of Sanand taluk of Ahmedabad district earns more than 12 lakhs a year by cultivating sorghum perennially in just 10 knots of land and delivering sorghum to Ahmedabad, Anand, Vadodara, Bharuch and Surat.

Dharamshibhai of Jeevanpura village of Sanand taluka of Ahmedabad has been farming for the last 45 years. Chilachalu farming was not getting enough return, so he brought 35 buffaloes from Kutch and started a stable, but he did not get the required number of people for the stable. Dharamshibhai was constantly thinking of doing something new because he did not get enough money in proportion to the hard work while milking the buffaloes in Ahmedabad.Dharamshibhai’s younger brother Dasharathbhai came home after retiring from the army and he talked to Dharamshibhai about the use of jawara in the country and abroad. In Ahmedabad city also considering the increased health awareness of the people and the increased consumption of jawara juice, they thought of planting and selling jawara. Hence he contacted the Ahmedabad District Agricultural Branch and got guidance. Dharamshibhai’s idea of ​​planting jawara was supported by the growing interest and habit of drinking jawara juice among people who come for morning walks in the gardens of Max Jaga in Ahmedabad. Initially, Dharamshibhai started sowing jawara in the paddar soil in the compound of his house. It became the routine of this Dharamshibhai to sow wheat every morning and after a week to harvest it and sell it in the market. As the demand for jawara gradually increased, he built a nethouse in his 10 gunta land and started cooking jawara bimonthly in it. Dharamshibhai raised jawara using fully organic fertilizers in the production of jawara but the biggest question was its marketing. Dharamshibhai says, “I am originally a village farmer, so what is this marketing called? Didn’t know that. In the initial stage, pamphlets about Jawara were made and placed in newspapers and the experiment was successful and the buyers also increased. Today I have two mobile phones. Get orders over the phone. I deliver directly to about eight dealers in Ahmedabad city, and they deliver to retailers…” adds Dharamshibhai.

Apart from Ahmedabad, Dharamshibhai’s Jawara also goes to Anand, Vadodara, Bharuch and Surat. Jawara is used in the treatment of cancer. Jawara contains at least 13 types of vitamins. Jawara juice is very easy to digest and consumes little energy in the body. It is very useful in high blood pressure, skin, hemoglobin deficiency and blood diseases. Keeping this need in mind, Dharamshibhai has now added value by making jawara powder.

By providing guidance to them through the District Agriculture Wadi Branch, they have provided them with a large market. Today, Dharamshibhai produces 40 kg of jawara daily. Dharamshibhai has also received the Best Atma Farmers Award some time ago.
Ahmedabad District Agriculture Officer Hitesh Patel says, “As the importance of organic agriculture has increased, the importance of Ayurvedic agriculture has also increased. Jawara juice is useful in many serious diseases. Jawara means the production of the first fortnight after sowing of wheat. Around 1.50 lakh hectares of wheat is cultivated in Ahmedabad district, if more farmers turn to jawara production, they will get more financial returns.





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