Unseasonal rain in Kothi and Devpar villages including Jasdan rural areas of Rajkot district


In Rajkot, unseasonal rains in rural areas of Jasdan with strong winds lashed Kothi and Deopar villages, creating monsoon-like conditions with more than half an inch of rain.

Unseasonal rain has lashed the rural areas of Rajkot’s Jasdan. News of rain has come to light in Kothi and Devpar villages along with strong winds. Monsoon-like conditions were created with more than half an inch of rain. Water is splashing all around. It rained in the public markets too. Traders were put in trouble especially due to sudden rains, where there was unseasonal rain in the evening. In some places people got relief due to this rain in the heat but there is also a possibility that farmers’ crops will be damaged on a large scale. After the rain stopped, there was good hope about the mango crop, but again with this rain, the concern about the mango crop has also increased.

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